A new year always calls for reflection and in doing so I was compelled to share some of the most unique and heart warming things my 2017 wedding couples pulled off. From brilliant themes to intricate and personal details, my brides (and grooms) this year did not disappoint.  

   The first union of the year was at an upscale venue I had been eager to photograph for some time.  Chateau Cocomar is an elegant event space with marble floors, columns, manicured outdoor areas, and many fabulously designed rooms inside. 

GOLD- A common theme this year, and one I would never argue. Gold ran rampant in the wedding industry during 2017. Bridesmaids dresses, table wear, jewelry and more were adorned in this classic metallic.

RED BOTTOMS- A girl's wedding day is one she often dreams of for quite some time. When selecting footwear for the big day many choose to splurge on something extra fancy. After all of your waiting and wishing and hoping, it is so easily justified- you deserve it! Christian Louboutin made big waves in this year's wedding fashion. It seemed as if all of the girls wanted (and got) their dream pair of "Red Bottoms" in 2017!

FURRY SLIPPERS- You couldn't possibly wear your Louboutin's all day, and splurging on a pair for all your bridesmaids might not be as justified for everyone- so we've also been seeing a ton of super soft, furry matching house shoes for pre wedding primping. These make an excellent gift for your best girls that will make everyone feel included and, more importantly, comfortable!

I also had the pleasure of capturing another well thought out wedding at The Bell Tower on 34th. This is an iconic venue that is very well known and located in Houston, Texas. It provides several stunning backgrounds for portraits and is a great place to celebrate any formal event. 

PROFESSIONAL MUSICIANS- A sure fire way to elevate any event is to bring in live, professional musicians. There is a certain "wow factor" that only this can provide. Your guests will be overtaken with the sounds of the instruments dancing together. 


CUSTOM CAKE TOPPERS- The perfect way to show your true personalities. These little trinkets are one of the few things you'll store from your wedding and it is a great way to add a little quirk (if that suits you). I have seen bobble heads, crystal sculptures, wooden cutouts and more over the year! 

FLOWER GIRLS STEALING THE SHOW- Up and down and all around, back and forth and ONE MORE TIME. Little flower princesses were captivating entire crowds at all of the weddings in all of the world. Something magical about the innocence of a sweet little girl in a sweet little dress makes anything they decide to do be fantastic. The aisle is her oyster- let no man stop her shenanigans! 

Butler's Courtyard is a quaint little place in League City that I thoroughly enjoyed. It has a cozy, vintage feel that fit Kelli and David's there exquisitely. 

VINTAGE DETAILS- Everything seems to come full circle in life. Trends come back around and the simple elegance of mixed matched pieces adds a timeless feel to any wedding celebration. Milk glass, ornate frames, authentic crochet pieces, buttons and more were sighted at weddings all over the South! 

FLORAL ROBES- Matching floral robes were wildy popular amongst bridal parties this year. Many designs to choose from makes matching to your color scheme easy. This is another popular bridesmaid gift as well! They usually come one size fits all!

We headed over to Ranch House Chapel and Lodge for an airplane pilot's wedding and the vintage travel theme took my breath away! We rented a vintage airplane for bridal portraits and Tessi had tied the theme into her wedding day in many ways!

TRAVEL THEME - When you marry an airline pilot, the theme seems necessary. 

BEACH WEDDINGS- It's easy to see that many are drawn to the ocean. Sun, sand, and saltwater are the perfect components to a bright and happy union. Galveston Islands hosted many wonderful weddings during 2017.

INTIMATE WEDDING CEREMONIES- Only your closest. The ones who truly matter.  A private event where you have plenty of time to converse with each guest. I saw an overwhelming number of small weddings this year and they always prove to be lovely. 


BIG BRIDAL PARTIES- No friend was left behind. Big Bridal Parties were Booming in 2017. I loved the outpouring of friendship I was able to witness firsthand.

The elegance the Chateau Polonez has to offer is unmatched. Another classy Houston wedding venue that is beautiful in so many ways.

OVER THE TOP GROOM'S CAKES- As if the multi-tiered dream piece you picked out together wasn't enough to sweeten your party, many groom's around the country are now being surprised with custom cakes just for them. These intricate confections are made to match whatever the groom has a passion for and they are always a show piece! The details make the difference and Houston bakers are doing really nice work for these deserving men. 

LIVE VOCALISTS- Yet another way to WOW your guests. A performance for your closest friends and family is something they will not soon forget. 

RUSTIC COUNTRY THEME- A staple here in the South, and a trend I'm sure we will see for a while. Easy to incorporate personal details and make your own, this burlap loving theme is a favorite in Houston! Everyone grab your favorite pair of boots!

SWEET SENTIMENTS- I'm seeing so many soft sides of so many tough guys. The sweet little notes we find here and there are bringing all of the tears! Wedding days are so sweet and little gems like this make it just so. 

I can't wait to see what all of the lucky Brides and Grooms come up with this year! If you or someone you know is engaged I would absolutely love the opportunity to speak about the wedding photography packages I have to offer! Contact Here !